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Dear Players, Parents, and Coaches:

   Welcome to my Baseball Strength and Conditioning website. My training philosophy is simple:

ANY baseball or softball player can improve their on-field performance 
by training and conditioning properly for their game.

   Online since 2001, we've been helping ballplayers at ALL levels of the game - from Little League through college and Major League Baseball  - improve their performance by way of sport-specific strength and conditioning programs.

"Steve's programs are awesome. He has helped me get ready for spring training the past two years. Last year I enjoyed a full, healthy season. I feel stronger and more prepared heading into camp and will continue Steve's training, including weighted ball throwing, weight lifting, plyometrics, flexibility, and sprinting.Mike Hinckley, former pitcher, Toronto Blue Jays organization

As you look around our site,  you'll quickly discover why our baseball training programs and baseball training tools are helping thousands of players from all over the world play better. You'll learn why ballplayers of all ages and skill levels are safely increasing their throwing velocity, hitting with more power, and getting in baseball and softball-specific shape with our training programs. 


"I started using the in-season power and strength training this past summer and within a few weeks, I hit my first homerun, 330 feet. My best was about 300 feet before I started your program."

  Ben Montreuil, Victor, NY


     "Received the BIG Z Bat and the training program and my son has been on it for 3 weeks now.  I have seen an improvement in his bat speed already.  Even his outs are hard now... We've hit the jackpot with your BIG Z Bat... he swings as good as  any kid in the league now."  

  Bob Brown, Dover, Delaware


5 Reasons Why Steve Zawrotny's Training Programs Get Players in Peak Playing Condition:

  1. Steve is one of just a handful of  individuals with experience as an NCAA Div 1 pitcher and coach with the CSCS credential. His training programs - designed specifically for baseball and softball players - combine solid clinical research and Steve's 30 years of playing, coaching, & training.

  2. He's a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and has a B.S. in Physical Education from BYU.

  3. Steve provides online baseball training guidance and advice with each program.

  4. His programs are proven to be safe, easy to follow, and affordable.

  5. Steve stands behind his programs with a satisfaction guarantee.


     "Your program is now the one we adhere to for both the Varsity and Junior Varsity programs at our high school. It has made a real difference to the players that were using it, so now it's easy to convince the others to use it. 

     "It has brought a renewed confidence in the players that used it, and I anticipate that it will do the same for the rest of our players. Thank you for allowing me to test it. IT WORKS, THAT'S THE BOTTOM LINE."

  Joe Vazquez
  Bethlehem Catholic Assistant Baseball
  Coach Bethlehem, PA


   Who can benefit from the baseball training information provided here?

  • Coaches and Parents
  • Baseball players
  • Both slow pitch and fastpitch softball players
  • Boys and girls, men and women
  • Rec League & "Beer League" players
  • Youth League through College & Professional levels

   However, I should point out that not everyone agrees with my approach. Not surprisingly, you'll find the web to be full of "experts." A few even claim there is no scientific evidence to support the benefits of strength & conditioning for ballplayers. Of course, this is simply not true. 

   These folks must be unaware of the solid, peer-reviewed data supporting our approach, or they lack the ability to properly interpret this information in meaningful ways for ballplayers. For more on this, click here.

   At Baseball Fit, we combine the best of both worlds - clinical research and real world, on field performance - to bring you baseball training and softball training programs that will safely and effectively make you a better ball player.  

   Take your game to a whole new level of strength, speed and power with the Baseball/Softball Strength & Conditioning program - even find baseball and softball specific training tools. 

   It's all here for you - and I look forward to working with you.

   To your success,

Steve Zawrotny, MS, CSCS
Baseball Fit, LLC 

P.S. You've come to the right place - we can help you achieve your goals!  Read even more success stories of how baseball training that emphasizes sport-specific strength and conditioning is the way to go! 



     "I've been doing the arm strength and bat speed training and they've worked a ton.  My throwing velocity went from 74 to 85 mph as a middle infielder and my bat speed increased to between 79-82 mph."  

  Justin Lemmo, Boardman, OH

  Hi Steve,

     "Our daughter has used your bat speed program for the past three years. In that time, she increased her average from .289 as a sophomore to .487 as a junior and .403 as a senior. In the process, she has been named All League, All Area and All CIF.  

     "She now has several colleges recruiting her, and was just invited to play in the Pasadena All-Stars Game. Thanks very much for your program!" 

  Rudy Martinez, South Pasadena, CA




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