"Baseball Hitting Drills That Will 
Put More
POP In Your Bat!"

Learn the SECRETS of Effective Baseball Hitting Drills That Will Dramatically Increase the Speed of Your Swing by 6 - 8 mph, Generate Explosive Power at the Plate, and add 40 feet (Or More) of Hitting Distance In as little as 6 Weeks!

With More Bat Speed, You Can
  • Drive the ball deeper and harder more consistently... ...every 1 mph increase in bat speed adds 5 feet to the distance your softball or baseball travels!
  • Gain more reaction time at the plate to enable you to make better decisions on whether or not to swing at a pitch
  • Be recognized as the player with "a big stick"!
  • Be more successful at the plate, no matter who's 
    on the hill
  • Step into the batters box with confidence and capture the attention of coaches and scouts with an explosive softball or baseball swing

Dear Players, Parents, and Coaches,

It's a simple process to develop a very powerful, explosive softball or baseball swing - once you understand that the secret to "ripping the cover of the ball" is bat speed... not strength.

In fact, did you know, for every 1 mile-per-hour you increase your baseball swing you can add 5 feet to the distance your ball travels?

High School Baseball


     "After using your bat speed training program, I went from hitting .284 with 17 RBIs as a sophomore to batting .429 with 30 RBIs, 2 HRs and 17 doubles, & 2nd Team All-State as a junior."

  Eric Anderson, Ravenswood, West Virginia

Youth Baseball

   "Thanks to your hitting, conditioning and velocity programs Jim got picked for the Junior Olympics team.  He can't thank you and his coach enough. Batting over .900, he won his last tournament's MVP for throwing out every runner at 2nd, with 3 picks to 1st and two to 3rd. 

     "He's at 5' 10", 172 and solid as a rock. Start to finish, 12 games in 6 days. Without your programs he would not have made it behind the dish that long.  The opposition says he plays and looks like a 16yr old. Thanks again, from 

   Adam and Jim Smith #15, Hatfield, PA

     "My 14 year old son has been using your bat speed program for the past year. In that time, he has improved from 62 mph to 75 mph, reaching 78 a few times. We have used a Swing Speed Radar to record his progress.

     "The result has been that he is hitting some monster shots. One home run he hit in a game traveled over 400 feet! He routinely hits balls over 350 feet now, an improvement of about 90 feet since he started your training. Thanks very much!"

  Russ N., Brick, NJ

UPDATE, 7/18/07: "He's at 80 mph bat speed and 75 mph throwing velocity."

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That's why, if you have ever dreamed about being your team's power hitter, having more reaction time at the plate, gaining the reputation, confidence, and attention that comes with having a "good stick," or just being a more successful hitter… then close your door to avoid interruptions for the next 10 minutes or so to let me show you baseball hitting drills that can increase the speed of your baseball swing as much as 6 to 8 miles-per-hour in as little as 6 weeks!

It's true! Whether you bat right-handed or left, are male or female, play baseball or softball - after just six weeks you can be driving the ball deeper and harder than ever before using the baseball hitting drills I'll teach you in this program - regardless of your age.

So whose fault is it if you're not "ripping" the ball, even after 
hours & hours of practice?
I say it's your training program!

Three Key Elements of Successful Softball and Baseball Hitting Drills

1) Expert advice from a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist to safely guide you through a training process

I hold a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education from Brigham Young University and a Masters of Science in Business Management from Lesley College Graduate School. I also hold numerous certifications and memberships. For example, I am:

·         A Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)

·         A member of the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

·         A member of the NSCA's Baseball Special Interest Group

In short, I bring over thirty years of combined experience as an athlete, coach, and physical fitness specialist to every training program I develop. As a result, you can count on these softball and baseball hitting drills having two key objectives: making sure they improve your softball or baseball swing and making sure that they don't harm you.

2) A focus on building POWER & not muscle mass with these baseball hitting drills.

Power is your ability to exert strength at high rates of speed... like when you "rip" your bat through the strike zone, driving a ball 400 plus feet. Strength is simply the ability to exert force... like when you pick up that 44 oz. super-sized soft drink.

Here's a better real life example. Let's compare Mickey Mantle (the "Mick") and  Mark McGwire ("Big Mac") best home run blasts:


The "Mick"

"Big Mac"

Height and Weight

5'11'' 195 lbs.

6' 5" 250 lbs

Longest Home Run

734 feet

545 feet

Homers Over 600 feet



  ** source: www.themick.com

"The Mick" was a farm boy who swung a sledgehammer all day long in the lead mines of Oklahoma. "Big Mac," on the other hand, is a modern-day slugger well known as a dedicated weight lifter. Yet, McGwire's longest home run was nearly 200 feet short of Mantle's longest blast, and well short of the other 5 homer's Mantle hit that were over 600 feet.

Trust me, Mantle isn't the exception. Yes he was strong.  But there are plenty of other top "power" players who, like Mantle, don't bench-press 300 lbs.  Heck, look at the home run king himself, Hank Aaron (5' 11" and 185 lbs.).

"Power dictates everything and is one of the qualities separating the dominant players from the great ones." Hall of Fame 2B Joe Morgan

For more detailed information on OverLOAD/OverSPEED Training, click here

3) Step-by-step details spelled out concisely by someone who knows what your body has to do to produce a powerful baseball swing!

I've trained and coached players of all ages and ability levels. I have coached championship baseball teams in California, Wyoming, Minnesota and Michigan. This is a step-by-step strength and conditioning workout designed to increase your bat speed and hitting power using effective baseball hitting drills. It is NOT a "How to Hit" program.  There are plenty of these on the market already.  

The "ideal" candidate to use my Bat Speed program is any player who has good eye-hand coordination and is making pretty consistent contact - BUT - is not driving the ball hard and consistently.
A player who lacks
POP in their bat!

This program is written to cut through all the "stuff" out there to provide simple and effective information and baseball hitting drills that work. It is short and concise (27 pages), so you can start using these baseball hitting drills immediately and improving your baseball swing quickly.  

Here are just some of the powerful training secrets, tips and techniques you'll learn in the Baseball Fit Bat Speed Training Program:

  • The differences between training for strength and power
  • Two types of resistance training and which one is appropriate for baseball/softball
  • What baseball/softball players must be concerned with when looking to improve their softball or baseball swing
  • What your training must include if you want to improve your ability to hit a baseball or softball
  • The two prime areas of the body that generate power
  • Four benefits to expect from professionally developed baseball hitting drills
  • Proven 3 day-a-week, 3 step hitting program complete with baseball hitting drills, number of swings and rest periods for increasing your softball or baseball swing speed in just 6 weeks
  • The incredible "Big Ball Hitting Drill"... it alone can have your softball or baseball swing crushing the ball in no time
  • The proper grip for generating serious bat speed and power

  • Why you might want to keep that old wood bat after all
  • How to properly prepare on deck for your next at bat
  • The best batting stance for maximal bat speed
  • An intriguing study on mental practice... the results will floor you!
  • How you can use mental practice to make your favorite hitting fantasy a reality
  • A step-by-step, 30-45 minute, fully illustrated basic strength training workout for the hands, forearms and trunk you can do just 2 days a week  

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But, first here's a Caution:

Do NOT buy any training program or baseball hitting drills for increasing your hitting 
power unless they meet the following criteria:

One: Explain to you exactly how to perform various baseball hitting drills and your training 

Two: Is based on tested baseball hitting drills and training methods and has proven 
measurable results.

Three: Uses training tools that closely duplicate your softball or baseball swing and style to 
reduce the risk of injury or unwanted changes to your softball or baseball swing.

Four: Shows you how to strengthen and condition your forearms and trunk.

Five: Gives you fast, FREE access to a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

Six: Is designed and written by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist with experience 
in working with baseball and softball players to improve their baseball swing.

These softball and baseball hitting drills and the training program are priceless

I get paid by the hour for my coaching and training time. In the process, I've helped countless 
players improve their baseball swing and hitting power to become more successful at the plate. 
Since there's only one of me and I get a kick out of helping ball players reach their goals, I've 
created this program of baseball hitting drills and qualified guidance.

In summary, here's what you get:

You get breakthrough softball and baseball hitting drills and a training program (OverLOAD/
OverSPEED training - the KEY to the program) to improve your bat speed in just 6 weeks, 
exactly what to do in the on-deck circle to enhance your next at bat, mental practice techniques, 
a conditioning program for your forearms and trunk, plus free, fast access to me for answers to 
your training questions and support. You can also take advantage of a very exciting special 
training package for acting now.

Softball or Baseball Bat Speed Training Program  Send me the training program for $24.95 - with 

You can't lose with our 100% ironclad, money-back guarantee

Don't decide now if the bat speed program is right for you.

Try these baseball hitting drills for a full 6 week training cycle-risk free.

If it doesn't guide you step-by-step through the softball and baseball hitting drills and a proven 6 
week bat speed program; if it doesn't give you four tips and secrets to better bat speed, mental
practice techniques, a conditioning program for your forearms and trunk; if it doesn't provide you 
free, fast on-line access to me for training questions and support; or, if it doesn't increase your bat
speed, contact us by clicking on the spinning "e" with an explanation for you dissatisfaction,
and we'll refund your purchase price.  

Either your bat speed goes up, or you get your money back!

You have nothing to lose (and a stronger, more powerful, attention grabbing, confidence building
softball or baseball swing to gain) because regardless, you get to try the baseball hitting drills 
and training program for a complete training cycle.

Here's how to order right now!

Click here to go to the Baseball Bat Speed Training program store and select the option 
that best fits your training needs and budget. It just might be the best call you make this season.

To your success,

Steve Zawrotny MS, CSCS
Baseball Fit, LLC

P.S. -- Let's be candid: if you pass on this offer, will you have a faster, more powerful baseball swing
in just 6 weeks from today? Probably not! You still be wishing for and wanting that extra distance on
your best drives, but you won't have it.

Face it. What you need is guidance, step-by-step softball and baseball hitting drills and the proper
training tools. Get this program NOW!  The Bat Speed Training Program  and baseball hitting drills
will have balls jumping off your bat in as litle as 6 weeks from TODAY!

Wouldn't you like to be the player with the "stick" everyone's talking about?

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Baseball Hitting Drills  By A Professional Strength and Conditioning Coach