Over-The-Line Field Layout and Rules


OTL Rules

1) Each X is where a player can be positioned for defense. Four player positioning can be as shown. Two player positioning would be more to the middle of each area.

2) Players underhand/soft-toss pitch to themselves. 3 pitches per at bat to keep things moving. Balls hit into foul territory count as a pitch & can be caught as an out (fly balls).   Three outs to a side.

3) Hits and runs are scored as follows: A ball hit over the outfield fence (if there is one) or over the farthest OFs head is a home run. Every other safe hit is a base hit. Imaginary runners move up one base with each single. So it would take 4 singles to score a run.

4) A safe hit is a ground ball that gets past the line and the IF and a fly ball or line drive that hits the ground past the line in Fair Territory.

5) A bobbled groundball by an IF that hits the ground is an error that results in a baserunner. Same with any dropped fly ball in Fair Territory. Any base runners move up one base on an error.

6) Outs are recorded by catching any fly ball anywhere on the field. A ground ball must reach the line and be cleanly fielded to record an out. A groundball that stops rolling short of the line is not an out, but is counted as a pitch.