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T-Ball USA VHS Videos For Fast Learning of T- Ball Drills & Skills!

Learn the basics of Tee Ball and T-ball drills & skills direct from the authorities! T-BALL USA in conjunction with SPORTAMERICA has developed this 4 tape series to help both players and coaches to learn the fundamental T-ball skills and T-ball drills that will lead to success throughout a player's entire baseball career!

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t-ball drill basics

A comprehensive visual overview of the game: its origins, the organization and leagues that offer the sport, recommended rules of play and procedure, equipment needed, playing field specifications, game variations, game variations and how to make the sport fun for all of the participants. The 35 minute video will provide a better understanding of the game and how its many benefits will introduce kids to organized team play and a love of sports. The information is important for administrators, coaches, volunteers, and parents.

$39.95 + $6.05 s/h



t-ball drill skills

Proper fundamentals are the key to player success; not just in tee ball, but for the total baseball experience. This 35 minute video illustrates how to teach skills in 5 basic
T-ball drills areas : throwing, catching, fielding, hitting, and base running. It includes dozens of drills, tips, hints with instruction for showing player correct movements and how to improve their game. Perfect for coaches and parents.

$39.95 + $6.05 s/h



Based on successful programs from around the country, this video provides information to develop strong coaching talent. Learn how to organize practice sessions, view over 30 team drills and games that instill proper fundamentals, see effective sessions with small groups and much more. The challenge in teaching young players is to strike a balance between instruction and fun. This 30 minute video shows this and is a unique tool for both new and experienced coaches.

$39.95 + $6.05 s/h




This video presents a series of basic skill instructionals that have been converted into action routines and T-ball drills for off-the-field practice. The T-ball drills and related activities can be done at home, in a backyard, a park or any open space or indoors. The 35 minute tape shows over 20 different innovative t-ball drills, has tips for skill improvement and covers fundamentals for fielding, hitting, throwing, catching and running. The easy-to-use program was developed for parents to spend quality and fun time with their youngsters and for coaches who see the need for supplementary adult instruction in the sport.

$39.95 + $6.05 s/h




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